How does one continue?

I have been home for several days now. Slowly integrating in society, and finding things to do for myself, because I have a couple of weeks left before the next semester starts. So I will go back to school, and what else?

I will tell you, my friend. I will look for an internship, preferably abroad, but you’ll never know what you’ll end up doing. I will definitely continue study Korean, as I really enjoy learning it. And besides that, I just hope to go travel again in the near future.

And what will happen to the blog? I don’t know, but maybe I will find a good subject to write about and will keep me writing. But for now?

Thank you for reading the posts, stay warm in this cold weather, and maybe till next time!




Hellos and Goodbyes

As the last post told you: the semester ended. Now it was time for difficult goodbyes, and a big hello to one of my friends who came to South-Korea. And as promised, I will give you guys a bunch of pictures of those two weeks!


Some of my favourite places to go, are the palaces around Seoul. I don’t know, I think they’re beautiful and very intriguing to walk through. You go back in time in a ever growing technological metropol.



I managed to get my hands on tickets for the SAF festival. So with Irem (obvious link to her blog) we checked it out. It was just the day-like festival that was held in one of the Halls of COEX, that was set up for the whole festival. It was very fun, especially when some artists came out! I don’t have good quality pictures though, so I’ll spare you the cringe!




And some random pictures that I will just throw here, because I can!


And this is where I will end it. Hope you enjoyed the pictures! Stay warm y’all, and stay tuned for another post tomorrow!

The End of the Semester

After a few subtle hints here and there, I discovered I have a blog. No way, me?! A blog?! Yeah, I do! I have to say I was surprised myself when people told me about it… Okay, all the jokes aside, I did kind of forget? At the point the finals started approaching, I must have abandoned the blog all together.

So here I am: typing at my guesthouse in a word document, because somehow Wi-Fi said: ha-ha, you suck, I’m not here anymore, so find another way to tell people on the internet that you’re alive.

But wait… guesthouse? You’re not at Ewha anymore?

No, sir. No Ma’am. The semester is over and that means that you will get kicked out of the dorms! But before I get into that, let me update on what I have been up to up till the moment that I had to move out.

What was the last post about again? Oh, right, the historical sniffing. I am going to be a bit boring now, and tell you guys that I have just been living the life here. After that until the move out date, I haven’t done much sightseeing, except a trip to Insadong (where you can buy all the cheesy souvenirs you need for all your family and friends!). It was time to buckle up for finals, get started on packing, and seeing as much of your friends’ faces that you could. All packed in two weeks, honestly.

I sent back 27kg of stuff back home by packaging (oops… wouldn’t have wanted to deal with that on the airport ha-ha) – which all arrived safely at this point. And well, I did some studying, but most of my time went to seeing friends, and planning to see their faces at least once more before they’d go. Lunches, dinners, grabbing coffee, shopping… you name it, and in no way I was going to say no.

But to ease all of your worried little hearts about my grades, I did fine in the end! Two A’s and two B-‘s. There you go, pass.

Anyhow, that’s the main reason I haven’t updated my blog. There were priorities: seeing my friends, packing, getting my life together, and well, getting some study time in there as well. I won’t be adding any interesting pictures in this post. In the other posts that are coming up, I will! But if you can’t wait, I have an Instagram that is right up in the side menu!

Stay cozy, and of course: merry late Christmas, and a Happy New Year!

Sniffing Historical Sightings

I visited some historical (and very touristical – not an existing word haha) spots today: Gyeongbokgung and the Bukchon Hanok Village, and I have a couple of pictures for you! Besides that, I don’t have much to say today. So enjoy the pictures and visit my instagram sometimes to see more random pictures! Next time I will type up a post again!


I might have caught an alien on camera.


At Gyeongbokgung (경복궁)





At the Bukchon Hanok Village (북촌한옥마을)

Brain Overload: Weekend Activities

While I am waiting for the washing machines to clear out so I can do my laundry, I might as well type up a blogpost about my weekend. My weekend kinda started on Thursday, because that night the Ewha Peace Buddies had organised the I-Party – held in a club in Itaewon. That was pretty fun, came back at the dormitories at around 1AM, and sat at the rooftop for a couple more hours after till 4:30AM.

And the next day I had to wake up for my 11AM class – which was just wonderful. And after my classes, I went to Seoul Lantern Festival with a friend from one of classes. This is held at Gwanghwamun every year for about a week or so (if I remember correctly, could be longer). The lanterns were huge and very pretty, so here, have some pictures.


That night I went out with some friends for food, and that ended up being a long bar crawl till around 5:30 or 6:30 in the morning – which might have been a decent decision if I didn’t have an important event to very next day.

The BTS Fanmeeting. BTS (Bangtan Boys) is my favourite K-Pop boy group, and I managed to get my hands on a ticket for their fanmeeting. So my hungover head of mine was a half an hour late to meet the friend (no problem, we had agreed to meet early), and around 2PM we were on our way to the fanmeet! And around the time we arrived, I was sorta alive, got myself a light stick, and we hung around until we decided to find our seats. It was held in this big baseball stadium (Gocheok Sky Dome), and 5PM it started. Those were about two and a half to three hours of pure fangirl happiness. The times they talked, I couldn’t understand the majority of it, because my Korean is not that good yet (I will just look for the English subtitles later), but I was looking forward to them performing the most. And they did encores, and it was beautiful, and then two of them started crying, and made me die a little on the inside as well.

Overall, it was such a good experience, I loved every minute of it. And the way back home, damn. So over a thousand fangirls (and the rare boy here and there) had to take the subway back. So we were there for a while. But after we got off of the subway to transfer to the other line to Ewha, it was way less crowded. I got home, and after hanging around for a bit, I had the best night of sleep ever.

And stay tuned for more!

Midterm Craziness

The dreadful times have finally passed by. As a college student who has never really dealt with these sort of… unnecessary shenanigans, this was a whole new world opening up for me: midterms.

What a lovely time of the year, and I have yet to experience finals week. Ha-ha. Lovely. And these are less than two months away… and let’s not mention how one of my final essays is due next month for that matter.

Anyway, I have lived to tell my survival stories of the past couple of weeks. I made a vow to turn myself into a even more of a hermit being, and lock myself in my room to go through all the study material. I had two of my most difficult exams on last week’s Friday, and those were the first two of others to come. Because the following week, four were waiting for me. Most of them being Korean.

I am not going to tell how I did just yet, because I haven’t gotten back all my grades yet, and I don’t want to jinx myself.

But this is what I have been up to mostly. In November I have some stuff planned that I will be able to blog about, but right now, let’s leave it at this. You don’t want to hear about how I ate a lot of fried chicken these past two weeks, or how eating spicy food for lunch, dinner, and midnight snack isn’t really a good idea… Some details go unspoken.

Stay tuned for upcoming stories. I promise there will be stories. And if you’d like to see pictures, I will start using my instagram account (@joycebosaapje) a lot more. If I keep up with that, you might just see a pic or two in the last two months here.

Last two months. I can’t believe I’m already half way.

Seoul Fireworks Festival

Every year a Fireworks Festival is held at Han River, where a lot of people gather to watch. And when I say ‘a lot of’, I mean thousands. Yeah, I think I can easily say thousands of people. They gather around the River and on the bridges that cross the Han River to get a good view of the fireworks.

Around 5PM we (me and three other lovely human beings) ventured out to the festival. It had already started, because it’s not just fireworks, but our goal was the find a good spot to watch the fireworks. And that was more difficult than I had expected. We went by subway, and many people take the subway here. It’s cheap, it’s convenient… and almost everybody is going to the fireworks festival. I thought line 612 from the busstation to NHL University was a scene from a horror movie, but this definitely tops it.

But we made it safely to the right station, and walked toward the river. There was this big stage where I caught a glimpse of one of my favorite K-Pop girl groups: Mamamoo (I am a happy fangirl, alright) performing. And after walking around for about fifteen minutes, we found a spot where we could sit down to wait for the fireworks.

It. Was. So. Cold.

I mean, shit, how did it cool down so fast? When the sun had set, it was so cold. But it was really fun and the fireworks were very beautiful! I made some gifs for you to see. And it was funny though, because whenever someone would stand up and stay standing, there’d be people yelling: SIT DOWN (in Korean), until that person sat down.

And the ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’s of the crowd were no joke either. I think some girl almost died while seeing the fireworks, that loudly she was screaming when one of the bigger fireworks exploded in the sky. I hope she survived the show safely, as there were three parts.

After the fireworks (which lasted almost an hour, with two breaks in between), we found our way home… two hours later. There were no taxis around (aren’t they supposed to be everywhere?) and the subway station was a fifteen minute walk from where we were had ended up at some point and there was this crazy long line. But we made it safely back!

Enjoy the gifs, and stay tuned for more stories!


Don’t you just love bad quality… 😀 😀 😀 (I’d suggest looking for more on YouTube, if you’re curious about more of the fireworks.)